Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Less then a week out from the SuperTraining meet now.  I've gotten through all the workouts I've wanted and hit all the weights I targeted when I originally planned for this meet. The focus was primarily on singles and the main lifts I train without a lot of volume of supplemental lifts. This has really helped me to peak since I've been competing so frequently--staying fresh while lifting heavy vs staying trained and conditioned with reps and volumes when there isn't enough time to turn volume into peak strength. Now I do look forward to having a longer break when the time comes, but for now just allowing all the previous volume to convert to new maxes and new PRs most every training session.

Here are the workouts...

Sunday, October 21

Today was some benching... and stubbornly some more of the same from last week. I couldn't quite triple 465 last session so I was determined to this time. Apparently that wasn't enough...



Paused Bench

465x2 + missed 3rd
465x2 + missed 3rd (dammit!!)

Slingshot (original)

530x1 + missed 2nd

Paused Bench

425 x 5 + missed 6th...

So lots of missed reps today... Normally I try to avoid this but I was getting a little frustrated and really I'm ok with it when I'm about two weeks out as that's when I like the extra stress--so when I rest up the last week my body will really need the rest and will peak for meet day

In other news, my girlfriend is currently the UK and got a waist trainer.  These are weird garments designed to make a woman's waist slimmer.  There is more info on these (where she got it from) here: http://www.healthster.co.uk/waist-trainers/

Monday, October 22

Today I went over to CSA in Dublin, Jesse Burdick's spot. He was kind enough to have me so I could squat on a mono one last time. Jesse was there and also got to lift with some buddies Andy Corlett and Max Aita... It couldn't have gone better.


bw x many
55 x 8 x 2sets
145 x 6 x 2
235 x 5
325 x 3
415 x 2
505 x 1
595 x 1

belted up

685 x 1

belt and wraps

755 x 1 (felt real easy... getting a good feel for the mono setup)
815 x1 (this felt great as well and since I'm not looking to be too aggressive on the squats this gets me right where I want to be to set up my total...)

...and that was it. I was surprised how good the 815 felt so I was totally content and wouldn't shut up after... I do that when I party

Wednesday, October 24

Today was another heavy day of benching...


45 x 15
95 x 12
135 x 8
185 x 5
225 x 3
275 x 2
315 x 1

Paused Bench

365 x 1
415 x 1
445 x 1
475 x 2 (this was a 5 lb PR for me as a 2RM)
480 x 1 + missed 2nd rep


515 x 3
530 x 2 (this was an improvement over the last workout where I couldn't double it)

Maddog Slingshot

565 x 1 + missed 2nd

Paused Bench

425 x 5 + missed 6th

So again a fair number of missed reps... but as I was looking to really overload this was fine... Only one more bench day to go

Sunday, October 28

This was the last training day before the meet and my last bench session. My progress had been steady all the way through training and this workout included another small jump forward on my bench.

Bench Press




The workouts were getting shorter but I was peaking well for the meet. I felt confident to attempt 501 for a possible third attempt at SuperTraining.

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