Sunday, December 4, 2016

Bench Specialist!!

So temporarily I have become a bench specialist. This is because about 2.5 weeks ago I couldn't warm up my deadlifts without a bunch of low back pain! I quit, waited a few days and tried to squat... pretty much hurt immediately yet again... So I decided not to head to Oregon for a comp Dec 1 and to instead just rest up and focus on RUM in late February... so that is the plan...

I did, however, in peaking for the meet hit a very easy 510 on the bench paused!

Yesterday I picked up training again but for at least this week it's still just benching. Here's my session from yesterday... My back still hurt to set up tight and arch, but I at least handled a rep PR twice and then some touch and go reps...

Monday, December 3

Bench Press




This was a 5 pound pr for me for a 6RM and it was easy both sets. Should be easy to improve upon next workout even if I'm not totally healed yet as it wasn't much of a strain.



In hind sight this was a little heavy after the high reps. Next workout I'll look to hit 435x6 paused then rep with 415 for the volume work. But a nice little bright spot none the less. And I'm looking forward to getting back to the squat rack asap! Big things to come!!

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